NEXTCLOUD, Nextrove cloud-based solution for pharmacovigilance

Cloud-based solutions for pharmacovigilance include the delivery of online services such as servers, databases, storage software, analytics and intelligence to users.

Nextrove provides Argus Safety hosting along with other integrated applications like Cognos, BO, BIP, Axway and other custom solutions as per client needs. Our cloud,is a flexible and secure environment and provides a worry-free white glove service to our customers to run and manage their safety database systems.

Nextrove Cloud Advantages

In comparison to on-prem hosting, Nextrove cloud provides various advantages as listed below:

Scalability: flexibility to utilize automatic monitoring and scaling of volumes and workload and respond quickly to peak demand instead of purchasing and installing additional equipment on-premises.

Data storage: services of data storage eliminating the need to buy and manage on premise proprietary data storage infrastructure.
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: formal procedures for business continuity and disaster recovery, built-in back-up, and recovery to eliminate the risk of data loss.

Current and Compliant: software and applications upgrade as new functionalities become available and following latest industry standards. Safety applications advancements as soon as new regulatory requirements are announced to support compliance with regulations.

Security and data access: security and data access eliminating the burden of maintaining on premise network, infrastructure and firewalls. Access to internal or external individuals, and/or collaborators and/or other organizations. Nextrove owns the information security for hosted solutions.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence: digitalization of business processes through automation using proprietary Progressive platform, multi-lingual operations, and proprietary APIs for system integration. Seamless move of the information in and out of the application. Can integrate combination of tools simplifying how data is inserted, imported, exported, extracted from the application.

Cost saving: cost reduction by eliminating the need of expanding existing on-site server capability, the need of upgrading as new regulatory requirements or new application functionalities become available. Decrease of extensive IT investments and people for physical infrastructure maintenance. From capital expenditure for infrastructure to operational expenses.

Accelerators: leverage pre-built implementation kits, validation toolkits and other techniques for quick implementation and go-lives.
Patching and upgrades: Nextrove owns the complete upgrade process from infrastructure, technical and validation perspective. Client investment is minimal by reducing the overall requirement to business decisions and user training participation.

Nextrove case studies

Three scenarios have been supported by Nextrove in the implementation of hosting projects:

  • New Argus implementation: Client is installing Argus for the first time.
  • Argus migration and/or upgrade: Client is moving from on-prem or from another vendor to Nextrove cloud
  • Argus Upgrade of existing hosted client

Nextrove has provided services for these scenarios as summarized below:

  • New Argus implementation
  • Latest available version installed.
  • End to end implementation services.

Argus migration and/or upgrade ( Client is moving from on-prem or from another vendor To Nextrove cloud)

  • Latest available version installed.
  • Migration from source Argus/non-Argus systems
  • Migration of source documents, audit trail, submission records
  • E2B and non-E2B migration
  • Lift and shift migration

Argus Upgrade:

  • Pre-built implementation kits, validation toolkits and other techniques for quick implementation and go-lives.

Argus hosting

In Summary

Nextrove provides cloud hosting for Argus Safety and, by minimizing the effort to manage and maintain systems, supports clients by leveraging technology advancements.

Nextrove supports the process of moving digital operations into the cloud and helps the transfer from on-premises data centers or from legacy infrastructure to the Nextrove cloud through a standard process from consulting and planning to testing and execution.

If you wish to know more about NEXTCLOUD, Nextrove hosting services, reach out to us.