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Global Reporting Rule and Audit Capture Engine (GRRACE) is a revolutionary one stop engine useful for any pharmaceutical company undergoing a regulatory audit for its Argus safety system. It instantly provides the historical configuration details as required by the auditors and facilitates building efficient and effective reporting rules based on business and functional requirements.

What is GRRACE?

GRRACE is a web interface designed to allow a user to dynamically query an Argus database to access the Argus configuration information over a specified period or a particular date as required, during a partner or a regulatory audit.


GRRACE provides audit information related to a whole range of configuration information including, but not limited to Workflow rules, Study and Product Information, Reporting Rules, User and Group Configuration, Autolistedness, Advanced Conditions and any backend Audit data that otherwise requires complex database queries and specialized technical skills at the press of a button.

Dynamic Auditing for Configuration Reporting Rules Configuration Advanced Conditions Library

Advantages of GRRACE

Custom Configuration Review

The system configuration can be reviewed for custom parameters allowing easier and faster reviews and impact analysis for any change control or a custom component being introduced.

Extensible and Scalable

Configuration exports can be extended to create internal system and management reports for various purposes.

Dynamic Querying

Configuration exports are available as desired and for dates and time selected at the run time.

Faster Decision Making

The solution can pre-empt complexity with a reporting rule to be developed using the captured business and functional requirements.

End to End Reporting

Single window for capturing and management of business and functional requirements and translating them into operational reporting rules to be applied on existing data.