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ClinConnect is a system agnostic EDC integrator that integrates Argus with any available EDC system.

Features of ClinConnect:

  • Supports primary and ultimate data as well as provides an advanced duplicate search.
  • Advanced triage functionality allows users to bulk accept or reject cases from the staging area before the data comes into Argus..
  • Minimizes the hours spent in clinical reconciliation by the pharmacovigilance team by giving them access to and control of the data before it is loaded into Argus
  • Currently supports up to 140 additional clinical fields in addition to standard fields (e.g. E2B / CIOMS reports).
  • Can be customized to bring system or client specific data into Argus.
  • Internally validated and is available to be implemented on-premise or on Nextrove hosted cloud.

Fully integrated with Argus UI
Accept/Reject cases into Argus with Justification