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Announcing successful Go-live of LifeSphere Safety Suite implementation in Europe

Nextrove successfully delivered LifeSphere Safety solutions to a mid-size pharmaceutical company in Europe.


Hsiao-Hui Hsu appointed General Manager in China

Nextrove is thrilled to announce that Hsiao-Hui Hsu (Nancy) will be joining our company as Vice President, Business Development and General Manager, China.


Kyung Jun Cha appointed General Manager in South Korea

Nextrove is thrilled to announce that Kyung Jun Cha (Brad) will be joining our company as Vice President, Business Development and General Manager, Korea.


Nextrove and ArisGlobal Announce Global Partnership

Drug Safety teams across the globe now have access to the latest solutions to gain efficiencies and optimize costs via a new strategic partnership between ArisGlobal and Nextrove.


Advantages of automation in document distribution

Nextrove Progressive Convey ensures that your stakeholders get the right document, at the right time and in the right format.  Progressive Convey is a Nextrove application supporting automated document distribution and tracking.


Advantages of automation in case intake

Repetitive actions in pharmacovigilance can absorb a lot of time and investment. The journey of a case goes through several iterations and multiple touches from several individuals within the organization.


John (Doug) Sydow, Appointed Senior Advisor at Nextrove, LLC

Doug joins with nearly 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical domain, most recently serving as Director, Worldwide Regulatory and Safety Operations Information Management, Reporting and Dictionaries at Pfizer.