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Medical Information Contact Center

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  • Integrated Telephony
  • Capture Adverse Events
  • Capture Product Complaints
  • Multilingual

  • Medical Information
  • Multi-Tenant Support
  • Advanced IVR & ACD
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The Complete Medical Information Contact Center Management

Progressive MICC is designed specially for the organizations to to handle inbound and outbound information exchange for Adverse Events, Product Complaints and Medical Information. The Progressive MICC has built in advanced telephony which not only support Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) among the active agents, but also provide the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for all inbound calls for easy patient care. The Progressive MICC is designed to handle multiple client accounts and is full compliant with customer data security and safety. It provides interactive Reports and Dashboard to make sure every transaction is Audit Ready.

Progressive MICC Features

Integrated Telephony

Progressive MICC has advanced integrated telephony so that the agents don't have to take the calls outside the application. All the inbound and outbound calls are available just a click away. Your call data stays inside secure Salesforce Environment

Call Recording with Advanced Features

Progressive MICC provides the Call Recording, Call Forwarding, Conferences and many such telephony features which makes the agents very comfortable to handle the inbound and outbound calls.

Advanced ACD & IVR

With Advanced Call Distribution (ACD), the system ensures the inbound call goes to an appropriate agent by automatically evaluating the skills of each agent. Also, with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, the callers would be able to easily reach to desired option with ease. Any other information can also be provided to the callers while they are waiting in queue.


Progressive MICC can handle multiple tenants with highest security and data safety features. All the data specific to any tenant is stored in its own space and only authorized agents can view or modify the data which takes the data security to another level. All the data operations are audited and reports can be generated around those operations.

Adverse Events, Product Complaints & Medical Information

Progressive MICC is able to capture Adverse Events data, Product Complaints and also it can handle Medical Information calls easily. With built in features and configurable forms, each tenant can be customized according to their needs.

Audit Reports and Dashboards

The Progressive MICC system provides complete auditing for all the actions by all the agents. The system generates interactive reports and charts which helps in MICC management and can accelerate the efficiency of your organization. The highly configurable dashboards provides the critical information at a glance.