Hsiao-Hui Hsu appointed General Manager in China

New Jersey, USA: Nextrove is thrilled to announce that Hsiao-Hui Hsu (Nancy) will be joining our company as Vice President, Business Development and General Manager, China.

Nancy has 29 years of working experience in the sales and marketing field across many industries, such as pharmaceutical, retail, and education, as well as 18 years of management experience. In China market, she has spent over 23 years dedicated to selling software, hardware, SI, and service solutions.
She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Trade and a Master’s in Business Administration.

“I am Really excited to join Nextrove to expand our footprint in China! Hopefully we can bring our experience, professionalism, services and increase support to China!” – Hsiao-Hui Hsu (Nancy), Nextrove Vice President, Business Development and General Manager, China.

“I am delighted to have Nancy joining our team. We are “very positive” about the mid- to long-term outlook for the Chinese market and we are thrilled to have the chance to expand our footprint in China” – Anjani Jha, Nextrove CEO


About Nextrove

Nextrove, headquartered in New Jersey, USA, is a global professional services firm exclusively serving pharmaceutical and biotech organizations. Its professionals have extensive experience of performing complex integrations between PV, clinical, regulatory, and product quality databases. The company also provides a comprehensive range of tools and accelerators to aid data migrations and analysis of data issues, and fast-track new platform/solution implementations.