Advantages of automation in document distribution

Pharmacovigilance operations involve many transactions of documents and reports. Nextrove Progressive Convey ensures that your stakeholders get the right document, at the right time and in the right format.  Progressive Convey is a Nextrove application supporting automated document distribution and tracking.

Automated document distribution creates a paperless environment, eliminating the need to print, to store, to maintain physical copies, to dispatch documents.  Documents can be sent and received anytime from anywhere from supported portable devices.

Knowing who, when, and where documents were distributed and having an official record is important for audit purposes and regulatory compliance. Nextrove Progressive Convey supports easy review of documents movement history to demonstrate distribution and to ensure distribution deadlines are met.

Capabilities of Progressive Convey from the business perspective

Progressive Convey, part of Nextrove Progressive suite of applications, is designed for automated, secure distribution and tracking of templated letters, safety documents, follow-up questionnaires to reporters and investigators.

Progressive Convey can automatically distribute safety letters/CIOMS/MedWatch generated from the safety system to investigators. To identify recipients, the application can be integrated with any other company repository.

Additionally, Progressive Convey supports automation in generation and management of follow-up questionnaire by pulling data from any safety system to populate template, to produce the document and, through its distribution engine, automatically distribute to recipients. Responses from reporters can be automatically injected back into the safety system.

Salient features of Progressive Convey from the technology perspective

Built on highly configurable Salesforce platform, Progressive Convey can be integrated with any safety system and supports management of multiple templates for follow-up questionnaires.

Including audit trail and tracking of all document’s movements, Progressive Convey is audit ready and allows generation of reports and dashboard to track and monitor document distribution.

Permissions and data security features ensure that documents can be accessed only by stakeholders who are allowed to.

Progressive Convey easily and seamlessly integrate with safety systems. API Integration allows data flow from both directions, allowing Progressive Convey to send information back to safety system.