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Progressive MICC Overview

Why is Progressive MICC Unique?

  • The most innovative solution, built by and for MICC & PV experts
  • Progressive MICC is the only Medical Information Contact Center solution designed especially
    for Clinical Research Organizations
  • The only solution which is fully GDPR and PII complaint. Since source of truth for Every Data (Call
    Records, Voice Recording, Outgoing & Incoming emails, source documents, literature references)
    resides on Salesforce cloud
  • The only global solution to include Safety Mailbox as well as in-built Phone Systems with
    multiple global Toll and Toll-Free call numbers
  • Highly Configurable, developed and hosted on Salesforce cloud
  • Designed for seamless intake of Safety Adverse Events, Product Complaints and Medical
  • Multi-lingual intake in over 35 languages
  • Integrated with Argus, ARISg, PV SafetyEasy and other Safety Databases
  • Optionally, leverage AI Intake capabilities part of Progressive Next
  • Effortless and secure access of data to Sponsors and Sales executives outside the system
  • Distribute and track reports using E2B, CIOMS, MedWatch and other custom multi-lingual report
  • In-built Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automated Call Distributor (ACD)

Salient Features

Integrated Telephony

Call Recordings

Multilingual Letter Templates

Configurable AE and Product Complaint Forms

Integrated Email Communication

Alerts & Notifications

Interactive Reports and Dashboards

Secure Cloud Database

Calling Agents Analytics

Advanced IVR and ACD System

Available on Android & iOS Mobile Devices

Configurable Workflow

Certifications, Standards and Regulations

Call Center & Agents Setup

Advanced IVR and ACD

Progressive MICC features advanced configurable interactive Voice Response System which can be used for welcome messages, waiting messages and for reaching to desired agent in the call center.

Automated Call Distributor is another advanced feature which automatically finds the most appropriate agent in the queue and transfers the inbound call to that agent. Super easy to manage any number of agents.

Advanced Calling Features

International Toll & Toll-Free Numbers

  • Progressive MICC features the instant procurement of international Toll & Toll-Free numbers within the application.
  • Procured numbers can be assigned to IVR or agents immediately.

Call Recording

  • The system provides advanced call recording options for inbound & outbound calls.
  • Recordings are stored in secure cloud and can be accessed from with the application.
  • Can be turned on and off as required.

Conference, Hold and Call Forwarding

  • Progressive MICC features Conference Calls with multiple users.
  • All the standard features like Call Hold and Call Forwarding is available to each agent in the dialer itself.

Integrated Mailbox

Progressive MICC has integrated mailbox which works like any other email agent without leaving the application!


  • As all the email communication is done within the application, you are ensured about the data safety.
  • No need to move or copy data from external sources. This includes the medical documents which can directly land inside Progressive MICC.

Full Mailbox

  • Progressive MICC inbox provides you all the features of any other email agent like HTML content support, CC and BCC fields.
  • Email Attachments are easy to send through inbox. Also all the attachments of inbound emails can be easily downloaded/previewed.


  • All the emails are automatically sorted out in the system. The emails become conversation threads where all related emails will be parked.
  • Related emails can also be found under the associated data form of Adverse Events, Product Complaint or Medical Information.

Interactive Dashboard


  • The dashboard has many interactive charts and reports which can be clicked, and a detailed report can be viewed.


  • The dashboard shows all the analytics for inbound and outbound calling.
  • It shows agent wise calling data, attended and missed calls.
  • Agents productiveness.


  • All the reports in Progressive MICC can be subscribed by the users.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly frequency of subscriptions.