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Pankaj Gautam

Vice President, Professional Services and General Manager, India

Vice President – Professional Services and General Manager, India

Pankaj brings nearly two decades of professional expertise to Nextrove, specializing in delivering software solutions and services tailored to the Life Science sector. With a profound understanding of the drug development continuum, particularly in safety and pharmacovigilance, he possesses a wealth of knowledge. His proficiency spans the entirety of the system design life cycle, emphasizing strategic planning, optimization of business processes, ensuring global regulatory compliance, custom system design and development, as well as seamless system implementation and integration.

Prior to his tenure at Nextrove, Pankaj held notable positions at IQVIA, Highpoint Solutions, November Research Group, and Oracle HSGBU (Relsys International). He is deeply passionate about advancing human health and staunchly believes in the synergy of health policy, business strategy, and innovation, recognizing their potential to deliver substantial value.

Pankaj earned his Bachelor of Technology degree from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi.

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